By now you may have heard about Google’s artificial intelligence efforts. 

    And now, you may also be wondering what the big deal is. 

    The company’s AI arm is developing a program called Google DeepMind that will eventually compete with the likes of Facebook and Microsoft in the global AI market. 

    Google DeepMind has some very interesting ideas, but there is a lot of room for doubt about what the company is actually doing. 

    We spoke with Google Deepmind’s lead engineer, Bhaskar Jain, to find out. 

    Here’s a summary of what he had to say.

    What Google Deep Mind is trying to achieve with Google AI is essentially a way to help businesses build better AI tools that can help people do things better. 

    For instance, if you have a problem with a software product, Google Deep Machine can automatically suggest a solution to your problem based on a variety of data points, like reviews, user comments, and so on. 

    There are a few different ways of building a predictive AI tool, like what we call “deep learning”, where you can take a bunch of data and use it to generate new models to help you solve the problem.

    But Google Deep AI is trying something a little different. 

    Deep Machine is not a super-fast or super-smart AI tool. 

    It’s not the kind of AI tool that you can use on its own to do your problem solving. 

    Instead, it’s a very general, human-level machine learning system.

    And so it can take many different datasets, and combine them to get something that’s more general and human-like. 

    That means it’s going to have to be trained on lots of different data, and it’s not going to be very good at it, because it’s still just a machine learning tool.

    It has to be able to learn from lots of data. 

    To build a machine-learning tool, you have to think about what your data is going to tell you about the world. 

    So Google Deep Machines is trained on data that’s already out there, like user reviews of your product, or product ratings of your competitors, or even your company’s financial performance. 

    In other words, Google is trying its hand at building a machine that learns from data.

    How deep are DeepMind’s predictions? 

    It seems pretty easy to understand. 

    If you have the best AI tool at your disposal, Google has figured out how to make predictions about things. 

    But you have many, many other different things that are out there.

    So you don’t want a machine to make a prediction that’s going be 100% accurate. 

    What we’re really trying to do is build an AI tool which can do a better job of figuring out what is the best solution for you. 

    This is the main thing that we’re trying to get at in Deep Machine. 

    Is Google Deep Learning going to get better than other people’s? 

    Probably not. 

    However, Google does seem to have a lot more than that. 

    The company is currently using Deep Machine to build a prediction engine called Bayes. 

    Bayes is a general-purpose neural network which works in ways that are similar to many deep learning techniques. 

    When you train a Bayesian network, it is trained using a set of examples that have some similar properties, like having similar data.

    In this case, it has to make some predictions about how the data might have looked like. 

    You can use Bayes to do deep neural networks like Google Deep Speech or Google Deep Image Search. 

    These networks are also very general-minded and can also be trained to do more complex things like make predictions of human behavior, for instance. 

    As we see in the examples, Deep Machine also has some other tools. 

    At this point, Google’s Deep Machine is only using a subset of its capabilities, but that’s not a bad thing. 

    “Bayes will be a world-class AI tool and we are building on it, and we have an even deeper level of capabilities in our deep learning technology,” Jain said. 

    I’m sure this is going get a lot better.

    How deep is Google Deep Brain? 

    DeepMind’s AI team is currently building its own deep learning algorithms. 

    Their goal is to build an entire neural network that has the same parameters as the human-generated models, so it will be able, as Google Deep machine, to do things like solve problems that people would have to build their own. 

    Right now, they’re using Bayes and a couple of other similar neural network techniques, but they are still working on building a deep learning model that is not just trained on some generic data set, but on the real world.

    The real world is what Google Deep mind is building. 

    A lot of this is pretty straightforward, but how deep does it go? 

    At the moment, it doesn’t appear that Deep Machine has reached


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