You can use Facebook Interactive to create a personalised marketing campaign for your business.

    Here are 10 ways you can market your product or service.


    Create an interactive whiteboard on Facebook.

    Use your Facebook profile to create an interactive wall of content.

    Add up to 10 interactive video clips and write down a quick summary of what the video highlights.

    Once you have the video and summary, create a Facebook Interactive video.

    You can choose from different video formats, like videos, GIFs and photos.

    You also have the option to upload the video to Facebook Live or Facebook Live Premium, which will enable you to embed the video on your website, blog or social media pages.


    Create a Facebook Live video.

    Add a video clip from your personal video account to your Facebook Live content.

    Make sure you choose the right platform, like Facebook Live, YouTube or Snapchat.


    Add your product to Facebook’s interactive video platform.

    Create and share an interactive video to sell your business or to promote your business to potential customers.


    Add video to your video platform to add it to your videos on Facebook and Instagram.

    Add content to your posts on Facebook or Instagram with the video as an attachment.


    Share your video on Facebook Live.

    Make your video available to all your Facebook followers on Facebook to show off your business in the Facebook Live app.


    Add the video from your Facebook video account as a video link in your post.


    Add an embedded video from Facebook’s Video Platform to your website or blog.


    Add links to your social media posts to your business page on Facebook, and embed your video into your post on your blog or on your Facebook pages.

    You may also create video ads with Facebook Ads on your own website, Facebook pages or apps.


    Create interactive videos to promote the sale of your product, service or other products.

    You will be able to add a video to each post that includes an action or event that is relevant to the product or services.


    Share an interactive message to your followers on social media.

    Share a message to engage with your followers through video, audio or text.

    You might use a custom video tag, or you might create a custom message that will appear as a message in the video.


    Which music platforms will you be using?

    Interactive platforms are evolving into the core of your music-streaming experience.They are changing how you stream and share music, but are also the platforms that connect your friends to your favorite artists and tracks.The question is which platform will you use?Here are the best music…

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