The NHL is in the midst of the second round of the lockout, which begins March 15 and lasts through the end of the regular season on May 1.

    If there is an extension of the current collective bargaining agreement, which expires at the end to March 31, it would be possible to begin the season with an extra $1.6 billion in guaranteed revenue.

    But that’s not likely to happen.

    The league has an agreement with its players that they’ll have to accept for any extension to go into effect.

    So that’s the deal.

    If the players don’t accept the deal, there will be no extension.

    So there’s nothing there to stop the league from doing whatever it needs to do in order to keep the games going.

    As for the players, they’re going to need to accept some pretty significant concessions from the owners.

    The players have had enough.

    The lockout is a massive blow to the players.

    It’s an economic and financial disaster for the league and its players, who will lose money, and it’s going to put them in a situation where they have to make concessions.

    And it’s not just the players who are going to have to give up.

    There are a lot of other players who will be impacted.

    The owners will be able to make some concessions, but it won’t be enough.

    And if there’s any doubt about that, it’s the fact that they’re not willing to make those concessions because they know that they’ve made an investment in this league and in this players.

    And they’re still trying to make a profit off of it.

    The players have been saying this is going to cost them $1 billion, but they’ve been lying to us.

    They’re lying to the NHL.

    It’s an ongoing negotiation, and that’s part of the bargaining process.

    The owners, however, are not interested in giving up any money.

    They know that this is the biggest contract they’ve ever signed, and they know they have a pretty good chance of keeping the money.

    And that’s where they’re playing the odds.

    The NHLPA is also still trying.

    The sides have been working on this for a long time, and there is no timetable for when a deal can be reached.

    The parties are trying to find an agreement that satisfies both parties, and I think it will be reached this week or early next week.

    The league is aware of the potential for a potential extension to be possible and is working to protect players from any possible negative impact on the schedule, the games, the playoffs, the TV deals.

    If that happens, there won’t likely be an extension.

    There will be a lockout.

    The goal is to get back to the table as quickly as possible.

    And the owners, if they are able to do so, have to take a few things into account.

    One, they’ve done some negotiations with the players and the owners in the past, and this will be different.

    The two sides are not in the same negotiating position.

    So they are going in a different direction.

    They will have to negotiate in good faith and in a way that doesn’t put players in a position where they’ll either have to change the contract or pay players a salary.

    And the players have to be in a place where they can have a say.

    The second factor is the schedule.

    They have a few games that are coming up, and the other ones are coming in February and March.

    And there’s a lot going on.

    The teams are coming off an 11-day break and they’re just going to be doing whatever they need to do.

    They can’t afford to make any changes, so they’ve got to make sure they’re doing what they need.

    That means, obviously, the players will be the ones that have to come to an agreement on a schedule.

    But the schedule that the league is putting forward to the owners is not what is in front of them right now.

    It is not the schedule we’re going for.

    It has to be a way to keep this going and make it work.

    If you want to get to a deal, you need to give the players what they want, and you need them to be prepared to do what they have done in the last two years, which is to come together and come to a compromise.

    It will be very difficult for them to do that, and we all know that.

    But it will require them to get down to the business of getting to a solution.

    And when you have to compromise and make a deal that satisfies everybody, you can’t have a great deal of time left.


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