MSNBC is an online platform that lets you enter numbers to see how many colors you have in your body.

    But the numbers don’t come with a helpful explanation or a set of numbers to calculate, which made the project’s creator very frustrated.

    So he started the site to figure out how many people in the world have black skin, brown skin, or red skin.

    The site, called BlackMath, recently added new features and expanded its features to include more skin color categories, which the creator says are a much-needed change.

    The website also includes a tool for determining how many different skin colors there are in the human body, and now users can add their own data to help figure out if their skin is fair, dark, or light, or even white.

    “It’s been very, very challenging,” says Alex DeMarzo, the founder of BlackMath.

    “The number of people out there is huge.

    It’s really a worldwide phenomenon.

    We had to do a lot of legwork to make sure it was a useful tool.”

    It started with a simple idea, DeMarzos says.

    “There’s a lot more diversity in skin color than there are people.”

    The problem: the site doesn’t display the skin color of all people.

    The numbers that BlackMath uses to count are for the white, non-Hispanic population.

    But because the white population includes a lot less people than the Hispanic, African American, and Asian populations, De Marzo says, the numbers are skewed towards those groups.

    That’s why BlackMath’s data only includes the numbers for the whitest skin, rather than the darker, more diverse skin.

    “We wanted to make it easier for people to see where they are and what their skin color is,” DeMarzes says.

    For example, a user might have dark skin but have brown skin.

    By entering the values for brown and white in a color wheel, the site could figure out where that user is in the whiteness scale, which would be in the 50 percent to 80 percent range.

    The results of DeMarz’s analysis are displayed below, with the values that users have reported to the site: “It turns out the data doesn’t represent the whole world, and there’s a whole world of skin colors and people that don’t fit into any of those categories,” he says.

    DeMaros is currently working on a new project called ColorPop, which he hopes will have more accurate skin color statistics.

    But he says he wants to work toward making it even easier to find out what skin color someone is and how that color affects their life.

    “When I was growing up, I had a lot to do with my skin,” De Marzos says, “and the skin colors were so important to me.”


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