The interactive and digital technologies that underpin our economy are transforming jobs and how we live our lives.

    The future of employment depends on it.

    But, according to a new report, we’re not quite sure what those technologies are doing.

    As our economy matures, it will require more people to learn about new technologies and the impact they have on their jobs and economic wellbeing.

    The report by the Institute of Economic Affairs is based on a series of focus groups across the country that are designed to help employers understand how the future is changing.

    The first focus group was held in February 2018 and it is the result of a collaboration between the Irish Institute of Technology, University College Dublin and the Business Innovation Institute.

    The group has since been expanded to include representatives from employers and universities.

    A survey of the participants showed that, overall, there is a lack of understanding about how technology will change the way we work, according the report.

    While there are some areas of agreement, there are also some areas where there is significant disagreement.

    For example, the survey showed that only 16% of employers said they were confident in their ability to hire a new staff member, while the proportion of people who were confident was higher in the IT industry than in other industries.

    The survey also revealed that only 30% of those surveyed felt that the technology and services sector would become more attractive in the future, while 62% said they would see a decline in the number of people moving into the industry over the next 10 years.

    “We think that’s pretty disappointing,” said Professor Brian Kavanagh, the institute’s director of research and innovation.

    “There are quite a few things that need to be addressed if we’re to see the transformation that we’re talking about happening.”

    There is a big gap between what we are doing and what is going on with our economy and with the future that we are looking at, he said.

    “What is happening is that the technologies that are used today are not that well understood and have not yet really captured what the future will look like, and we are really only just beginning to see some of that.”

    The report highlights the difficulties that have been experienced by the IT sector in recent years.

    While IT jobs are growing by about 12,000 jobs per year, they are losing around half a million jobs per month, or about 2,500 a week.

    This is due to automation, the introduction of new products and services and the rise of new services.

    The study also found that while the cost of living has gone down since the 1980s, the unemployment rate in Ireland has gone up.

    According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, the average unemployment rate is now 4.9%, up from 4.6% in the year to February 2018.

    This represents a big increase from 2.6%.

    However, the IT-related unemployment rate has not been kept at bay.

    According the Institute, the total number of IT workers has grown by 7.3% in 20 years.

    There are currently around 1,700 IT jobs in the country.

    These are mainly in the private sector.

    As the number and variety of IT jobs increases, so will the number who have left their job.

    The number of Irish IT workers is projected to grow by 20,000 over the coming decade, which will mean that over the period from 2025 to 2030, there will be an additional 25,000 IT workers.

    “In some industries, the cost is not even reflected in the job numbers,” said Kavanaugh.

    “The IT industry is a very small sector, but it’s a very, very big one.”

    He added that IT jobs have been increasingly moving from the public sector to the private sphere in recent decades, which is the reason for the growth in IT unemployment.

    “So there is an enormous opportunity for IT to grow in the coming years, but there are significant barriers that need, I think, to be overcome in the way that the public and private sectors work together to tackle the challenges of the digital age,” he said, noting that there needs to be greater integration between the public service and the private sectors.

    While the report highlights some of the barriers that still exist for IT workers in Ireland, it does highlight that, in many ways, the future of IT is looking bright.

    “It’s a global market, but Ireland is at the centre of it,” said Ciaran O’Connor, an assistant professor at the University of Ulster.

    “For IT to take off in Ireland it needs to start in the public domain, where it’s easy for everybody to understand, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

    The study’s findings have already begun to have an impact on the wider economy.

    According for example to an IT company that was in contact with the Institute on the research project, the overall impact of the study has been that it has improved the understanding of how


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