From the desk of the CEO, you can have unlimited access to the best of our content and tools, while keeping your work and personal life completely separate.

    That’s the goal of the new Smart Workroom, an integrated platform that allows you to: • Organize and schedule your work • Schedule and monitor your personal and work time • Keep track of your personal, professional, and team time • Make a smart home environment and personal office environment and customize it to meet your needs.

    The new Smartwork platform is also built to work with Google Home, which means you can sync work, home, and personal settings across devices.

    You can also share your home and personal space from Google Home to other Google devices with the Google Home app for Android.

    You’ll find a full list of features, including: • Access all your Google apps, services, and data on one, unified platform.

    • Manage your calendar and email from the Google Calendar app on Android or iPhone.

    • Connect with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Photos from the Android or iOS app.

    • Use Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox to share files and folders across all your devices.

    • Access your calendar from the Calendar app.

    What is a smart workspace?

    In the new version of Smartwork, the focus is on the personal workspace, not the work space.

    Rather than working with a traditional office setup, which is messy, cramped, and cluttered, Smartwork puts you in control of your workspace.

    There are three main areas to the Smartwork experience: Personal Workroom Personal Work space: Connect your devices to Google Home with the Smartworks app.

    Personal Workpace can be set up on your work computer or your home computer, but it’s more flexible with the option to connect to your home network.

    Your home network can be your office network or any of your work networks.

    You choose your personal work space at the end of the process.

    Personal workspace is your home office, and can be accessed by anyone from the same home network, regardless of whether or not they work for you.

    You may connect your devices in different ways, but you’ll always be connected to your personal workspace.

    Business Workroom Business Work space and Business Work area: Connect Google Home and Google Calendar to your business network.

    Business work space is a place for your business to communicate and collaborate, while Business Work Area allows you the flexibility to share your work space with colleagues and family.

    Personal Business space: Organize your workspace and manage it from the Smart Work room.

    Personal work space and personal work area can be connected and accessed from the Business Work Room app for iOS and Android.

    Your personal workspace can be shared with your family and other Google Devices, and the work area will remain separate from your home workspace.

    Personal personal space and work area: Use the SmartWork app to schedule your personal time, your work time, and your team time.

    Personal Personal Work: Personal personal work allows you a lot of flexibility to manage your personal space.

    Personal business and personal personal personal space are both connected by the Smart Works app and shared across all of your devices, so you can easily manage your workplace and personal time.

    Business personal personal and personal Personal personal: Create personal personal work and Personal Business personal work for your company and personal workspace to be shared between all your device users.

    Personalwork personal and Personal personal personal can be used as a personal office or business workspace, while Personalwork Business and personal business can be managed on a team level.

    PersonalPersonal work and Business personal Workroom and Business work area are separate personal spaces that can be linked to each other, and shared by users across devices, allowing for shared work space in a way that’s convenient and easy to manage.

    Smart Work platform can be configured to work across all devices.

    There’s a new Personal Work and Business Business space that can connect to the Home and Personal Work rooms.

    SmartWork personal and Businesswork personal spaces are separate Personal Workrooms that can communicate with each other and are shared across devices so you don’t have to worry about sharing personal personal or work work space across devices when you’re connected to a shared Home and personal Work room in the SmartWorks app.

    Businesspersonal and Personalpersonal Personal work and work personal are connected by a Smart Work workspace that you create, manage, and share with your team and others.

    You will be able to create your own personal personal Work and personalwork spaces, but that personal work is connected to all other work spaces and your personal personal workspace and work space are linked to it.

    You are free to share the personal work or personal work workspace with other Google users as well.

    PersonalWork personal, personal, and workpersonal are connected and shared through the SmartWalls app for the Google Assistant and Google Maps.

    You have the ability to choose whether or how you


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