Mobile game developers have long relied on a slew of online platforms to help them navigate the industry.

    While they’ve largely relied on social media for that, it’s been a problem for a few reasons.

    For one, they don’t have a lot of control over what their apps are or how they’re promoted on those platforms.

    This year, the app industry is facing another problem: more and more companies are turning to the internet to promote their games.

    This has led to an uptick in resume creation on social platforms, and now there’s a new contender: Interactive Platformer Resume.

    In a blog post, the Interactive Platformers Association said it will be bringing its platform resume feature to the App Store next month.

    The Association, which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, started out by asking developers to submit their resumes for review and approval.

    Since then, it has grown to include more than 500,000 apps on the AppStore.

    Now, the Association is asking for developers to create and submit resumes for its platform portfolio, which includes game platforms such as Android and iOS, and mobile apps.

    “The Interactive Platforms Association (IPA) is working with app developers to offer an easy-to-use resume platform that will help to make resumes easier to use and easier to find, according to its blog post,” the association wrote.

    “We’ve seen a surge in resumes over the last few months as more developers are working on mobile games.

    Many of our members have found it helpful to be able to quickly share their resume with the world.”

    The platform has been in use since 2013, but the app portfolio will be available in October for free to developers who sign up with an email address associated with the association.

    The association will also provide some tools and resources to help developers get started on the site.

    In addition to the resume platform, the association will be offering a free resume builder tool for app developers.

    The resume builder will be able help you create a resume that you can use to showcase your game in your company’s online and social media channels.

    The tool will also let you customize the resume to include a personal bio, a video clip, or more.

    The association is also working to make it easier for developers and publishers to connect on social, especially for those looking to promote mobile games in the future.

    “As the industry matures, the needs of publishers and developers alike are increasing,” the group said in its blog.

    “There are so many more opportunities to engage on social and connect with your customers, both through your portfolio, and with your content.”

    In addition, the Appstore will be hosting a showcase on Friday, Oct. 25, where game developers and their resume creators will have the chance to demo their games for a chance to be featured on the homepage.


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