I’ve been working with virtual assistants and alarm apps since the first iPhone.

    I’ve had an array of options for controlling them, from simple motion sensors to custom sound generators, and the apps all offered some degree of control over their physical surroundings.

    But none of them had the full capabilities that a virtual assistant does.

    There were only three apps that could manage the whole of my home: the alarm app, the virtual assistant, and an app called MyKit.

    I found the latter app very useful. 

    The app was simple and straightforward to set-up, and it was easy to use.

    It offered up an interface that was easy for a beginner to navigate and understand, and a simple task to complete.

    It even provided a basic, one-time password to unlock the app. 

    But the real charm of the app was the functionality it provided.

    It could detect and alert me when my alarm went off, which would give me an opportunity to adjust the volume and make it more comfortable.

    It also offered a simple way to set a timer for an alarm, which is very useful when you’re trying to get some work done in the morning. 

    After several weeks, I finally had the app set up and ready to use on my phone. 

    This article will walk you through the steps to set it up.

    First, make sure you have the iPhone 6s or later version installed, as the app requires it. 

    Once you’ve done that, open the MyKit app.

    Tap the menu icon on the top-right corner, and select Settings. 

    Under the Advanced tab, you’ll find MyKit’s app options. 

    Select Settings from the left-hand menu.

    Under the “MyApp Settings” section, you can choose whether or not the app will be automatically installed as a part of the iOS 8 update. 

    If you select Yes, the app’s icon will be updated to the MyApp icon. 

    Scroll down to “MyKit for iOS.”

    This is where you’ll be able to configure your virtual assistant.

    You can select which virtual assistants will be included in the update.

    For this example, I chose the Siri and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants. 

    Now that you have your virtual assistants, you’re ready to begin.

    You’ll need to set them up and setup a new MyKit account. 

    To do this, open Settings and tap the More button on the upper-right of the screen. 

    Tap Account.

    You will see a list of your accounts, and tap Create Account. 

    When you’re done, tap Sign in to continue. 

    You will see the My App Settings section, where you can change how and when the app and your virtual helpers will communicate. 

    Finally, tap the Add button at the bottom of the page. 

    Your virtual assistants should now be set up.

    They will be able speak to you and respond to commands as well as receive notifications from your iPhone.

    Once they’ve been set up, you should see a notification in your Messages app, which will let you know they’ve received your new virtual assistant account.

    If your virtual companions don’t respond, they will not receive a notification. 

    On your iPhone, open a new screen.

    From the main menu, tap Settings.

    Under Apps, tap My App and choose My Account.

    Now, you will see MyKit for iPhone.


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