Interactive tellers are getting ready to go on the market, and one of the most talked about will be one that lets you scan coins to buy virtual items that can then be sold for real money.

    The Interactive Coin Machine, as the game is being called, lets you buy, sell and exchange virtual coins at participating retail locations, like Walmart, for a set amount of money.

    There are also apps that allow users to scan coins, buy virtual objects, or buy goods and services with the virtual coins.

    It will be available in early 2018, but that’s a very short wait for a machine that’s expected to sell for $10,000.

    The Coin Machine is being developed by Interactive Coin and is expected to be in stores by the end of the year.

    The Coin Machine will be different from a traditional coin-scanning machine, said Chris G. Gershon, the vice president of marketing and technology for Coin Machine.

    It’s going to be an interactive machine that can be played for free.

    The coin machine will allow customers to scan a virtual coin and then buy a digital product with that coin, Gershon said.

    The customer can also buy or sell virtual objects that can later be purchased or sold for money.

    Coin Machine has already launched a series of apps that will allow users in the U.S. and Canada to buy, trade and trade virtual coins with real-world cash.

    Garshon said Coin Machine aims to expand its global rollout.

    In the U and Canada, the Coin Machine could be used to buy products from retailers, such as Starbucks, but Gershoff said Coin Machines can be used on-demand for more casual and leisure activities like eating out or to rent a room in a hotel or apartment.

    Coin Machines will also be available at major retailers like Walmart and Costco, and at major discount stores like Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and Dollar General, he said.

    The idea is to offer customers something that can have real world value, Geshon said.

    He said that’s important because people don’t want to pay cash to buy something that they can’t use, but they do want to buy things they can use when they go out for a meal or go shopping.

    Gershon said that because Coin Machines are an interactive product, the user interface is designed to make the buying and selling of the coin easy and fun.

    The coins are also designed to be durable and not move around.

    Geshon and his team have been working with the UCCB, which is a nonprofit group that helps communities with the construction and renovation of homes and buildings, to find suitable locations for the Coin Machines.

    The UCCb and Coin Machine are developing a pilot program in Chicago to test Coin Machines and make sure the machine can handle large crowds, which Gershall says is a huge demand.

    Gatorshon said the company has been working on Coin Machines for a few years now and expects the first Coin Machines to roll out in 2019.

    CoinMachine is a part of a broader trend of interactive and digital currencies being developed.

    In August, PayPal announced that it was adding a Coin Machine feature to its mobile payments service.

    And this year, a company called Digital Currency Group announced that its mobile app will be called Coin Machine for real-time coin trading.


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