Train platforms interactive have been introduced across the UK and the country will soon have interactive stations.

    The stations are available to use from 7am on Sunday and will be accessible to customers of train operators as well as other railway companies.

    This is part of a wider move to make trains more interactive and the trains are being built in a bid to bring them to life on a more intimate level.

    The technology will be available to train operators and other rail companies as part of the Connect UK project.

    The interactive trains will be able to recognise each other, track each other and offer information on their location, which is currently not available.

    They will also be able give information about trains, including information on the current location of the train, its route and speed.

    Other stations will include information on local weather, the current weather conditions and information on station amenities, including toilets and toilet seats.

    All stations will also have interactive station signage and displays, and an interactive train timetable and station announcements.

    The new stations will be rolled out to train services across the country starting in September.

    The first stations will have a train platform at the bottom, with other stations to the left and right.

    All platforms will have their own signage and will display information on what station is closest to you.

    Other features of the new stations include information about the train and its route, weather and information about other nearby stations.

    Customers will be asked to take a photograph and share it on social media.

    The platform will also offer a ticket to the train to be printed at a kiosk.

    The company behind the project, TrainStation, said that it is committed to bringing new technology to the railways.

    They are also working with other rail operators to bring their platforms to life, including the London Underground, the Manchester Piccadilly Line and London Midland Line.

    “We are delighted to be able help transform the way the UK transport system works and we look forward to the launch of the next generation of interactive stations in October,” said Peter Lipschutz, the general manager of TrainStation.


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