A mobile game that lets you use your phone as a tablet or phone controller?

    Well, that might be something you can buy now.

    Turbogears, the mobile game from The Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online Studios, will launch today for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

    The game was originally planned for a March launch but it has now been delayed until June.

    “Turbogs” is set in a world where the players take on the role of the titular “Turbobears,” who are tasked with navigating a labyrinth and collecting the four magical gems needed to unlock a mysterious portal.

    Players can play as “Turbo” or “Tower of Babel” as well as “Pike” and “Vox.”

    Turbodex, the game’s story mode, is a side-scrolling adventure that takes players through different environments, such as an arctic wasteland, a volcano, and a space station.

    The goal of the adventure is to solve puzzles, collect items, and use a variety of power-ups to unlock new locations.

    Tubemaps, the third and final dungeon, is the game equivalent of a tower defense game.

    Players can explore the tower, which is filled with enemies and traps, and also use “Turbo” to create portals that allow players to access other locations.

    Players will have the option of playing as either “Turo” or the titulian “Turk,” respectively.

    The titular Turk uses his voice and moves the player around in the game, and he can be triggered with a certain combination of commands, such a “touch” or a “turbogear” trigger.

    Titans, a sidequest in the first dungeon, allows players to use a special power-up called “Titan’s Breath,” which lets them summon a large “Tiger” to attack nearby enemies and bosses.

    The titulians have also released a new video for the game.


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