A map of the world is only as accurate as its userbase, and so while we might want to keep our eyes open to any changes to the weather or ocean, how we view the map and how we use it is the key to keeping track of all the changes.

    Here’s a look at what to look for when it comes to maps, from the latest weather to the most recent population.

    1 / 11 A map from National Geographic’s interactive map system, Interactive Map Platform.

    3 / 11 Map of the United States of America.

    2 / 11 Google Earth is a digital mapping platform, meaning the maps are built using digital data from Google Earth.

    3/ 11 The Earth map on the left shows the United Kingdom.

    The red dots represent areas where flooding has occurred.

    The blue dots represent land areas that have been affected by flooding.

    3 of 13 The World Map on the right shows the countries of the World.

    The map is based on data from the Global Burden of Disease Study, a study that measures the effects of global warming and other factors.

    4 / 13 The map on top shows the U.S. It’s the top spot for water use per capita, followed by China and Japan.

    5 / 13 India’s Himalayan region is the highest, but the country’s overall ranking is in the middle.

    6 / 13 A map with water usage per capita in India, taken from a National Geographic interactive map service.

    7 / 13 Map showing how India compares with the United Arab Emirates.

    The U.A.E. ranks first, followed closely by Bangladesh and Egypt.

    8 / 13 Google Earth’s interactive mapping platform is a data-driven system that makes it easy to find out where to go, what to see, and how to stay safe.

    9 / 13 This interactive map of Mexico shows the most areas affected by water contamination.

    10 / 13 Maps from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) show the extent of global flooding in 2030.

    11 / 13 In the United Nations’ Global Trends Index, the top 10 countries are China, India, Brazil, Russia, the U and UK. 12 / 13 Countries with the most people living in coastal regions in 2030: The United States, Russia and Germany, followed, respectively, by China, the United states, India and Brazil.

    13 / 13 These interactive maps show how the oceans are changing, from an interactive map created by the University of Arizona.

    1 of 13 Interactive map platform map of India.

    The green dots represent major rivers and lakes.

    The yellow dots represent smaller waterways.

    2 of 13 Google maps show the United countries.

    The top five are China and the United kingdom.

    3 a / 13 Top 10 countries by population and top five by population density.

    (Google Maps) 3 of 12 Interactive map of China.

    The main river is the Yalu, which flows into the Ganges.

    The Yellow River flows through the center of the country.

    The Yangtze River is the main river in Southeast Asia.

    4 of 12 Top 10 cities in the world by population.

    The United Kingdom has the most population, followed on the lower left by New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

    5 of 12 Google Maps shows the major cities in Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

    6 of 12 Maps from a European Commission study show the effects on human health of climate change.

    7 of 12 A map showing how the world’s oceans are being affected by global warming.

    8 of 12 An interactive map showing the effects from ocean acidification.

    9 of 12 In China, an estimated 4.7 billion people live in coastal areas.

    The study found that by 2030, those coastal areas will be affected by a 40 percent increase in sea levels.

    10 of 12 The interactive map shows how the number of countries in Asia is growing.

    11 of 12 India is the world leader in the number and size of its cities.

    12 of 12 Climate change is a problem in all parts of the globe, including the United Kingdoms, China, Russia. 13 of 12


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