Interactive media has always been an increasingly important part of a young person’s digital journey, but it can now be a challenging one to get right.

    Here are some of the best tools you need to get your work noticed.

    Read more”We’ve seen that in the last few years, as more young people have transitioned into their adulthood, the proportion of their online portfolios that are interactive has increased,” says Nicky Wroblewski, senior editor at Digital Horizons, the digital agency that manages content for interactive media platforms.

    “As we’ve seen, it’s now becoming an increasingly relevant, powerful and important part, not only for people in their early 20s but also those aged 18 to 30,” she adds.

    But how to find the right platform?

    “If you’re going to be doing interactive media in your portfolio, you’ve got to be able to work with a range of platforms and have a good range of tools at your disposal,” says Kristina Oster, digital content specialist at digital agency Vectra.

    “One of the key things to look for when you’re deciding on a platform is whether it’s going to work for you and whether you’re ready to move into digital marketing,” she says.

    “A lot of people are starting their career online, so it’s a good idea to be ready to work online, but you should also be ready for the challenges of that, whether it be for the platform, whether you have to deal with the marketing channels.”

    For the average person, finding the right platforms can be a bit of a pain, but for those with an extensive portfolio, finding platforms that work for them can be even more difficult.

    “For the most part, platforms are going to help you with the content that you’re looking for, but there’s a certain amount of flexibility that you need when it comes to how you structure the content,” says Kate Williams, digital editor at digital platform and marketing agency Jagex.

    “It’s not always about content, and it’s not necessarily about what you want to publish or what type of content you want,” she explains.

    “Some platforms like Buffer and Instagram have a more holistic approach to content and you’ll be able get more creative with your content, but if you’re just looking for one platform, it’ll probably be a more streamlined experience.”

    She adds that while platforms will often help you find the best platforms, it is also worth keeping in mind what type and level of content your project will be.

    “With many platforms, there’s also a sort of ‘what content are we offering and what are the audiences that are interested in that content?'” she says, adding that you can then find the platform that suits you best.

    “We often see platforms with a bunch of different types of content, whether that’s a video series, a series of books, an article, a blog post or a website,” she points out.

    “And there are different types and levels of content that we’re interested in.

    We can see the types of different platforms that we’d like to work in and decide how we would like to structure our content and then it’s up to us to find what works for us, based on our content needs and what we can get from that.”

    While a platform’s content selection is one area where platforms can help you, there are other tools that can help, too.

    “There are platforms that allow you to manage content that is shared on your platform, and we see these as a way to allow creators to easily share their content with their audiences,” says Williams.

    “These are platforms where creators can make it easy for them to share their creative work with their fans.”

    When it comes down to it, a platform isn’t the only tool you need, but platforms can also help with managing and distributing your work,” she concludes.


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