A new app called Mindful Movies has just been launched by a trio of filmmakers who say they are “finally realizing the promise of making movies that are engaging, insightful, and meaningful for their audiences.”

    Mindful has the tagline, “Making a movie that’s fun for everyone.”

    “I love that our audiences are now starting to think differently about the movies they watch,” cofounder and creative director Josh Schmader tells me over email.

    “People are asking us, ‘Why don’t we make more of them?'”

    This is a great sign for the future of storytelling, especially with all the movies and TV shows coming out this year.

    A movie or TV show is essentially a compilation of facts and opinions that are gathered from the past.

    These can be as simple as a fact that a character is an alien or a myth, or as complex as an emotional or social journey.

    As a result, it can be challenging to capture the nuances of different people’s lives.

    Mindful, on the other hand, allows viewers to go in and understand how the movies or TV shows were made, from the storyboards to the visual effects, and to share that information.

    It even has a feature that allows viewers “to play” through a movie.

    “Our mission is to bring the world’s most engaging, thoughtful, and thought-provoking storytelling experiences to your mobile devices,” Schmaders says.

    “We’ve been working on the app since 2013 and we have been able to build a team that has helped us build a product that can help us reach our goals of helping people make more meaningful movies,” co-founder and CEO Josh Schmelzer tells me.

    “The first movie we made with Mindful was a self-produced documentary, and we hope that people will take advantage of the features that are built into the app to help them make even better movies.”

    The team behind Mindful is comprised of two guys who are in their mid-30s, a guy named Matt Stemler and a young man named Jason Tabor.

    They have a combined 30 years of combined experience working in the entertainment industry and are both directors.

    Stemlers’ career started in TV, including appearances on ABC Family’s “The Family,” NBC’s “30 Rock,” NBC Sports’ “Sunday Night Football,” and Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

    He also worked on HBO’s “Fargo” and worked on “Game of Thrones.”

    He is currently working on a film about the evolution of the internet.

    Tabor, on his own, has worked in animation, and his credits include “Mamma Mia!” and “Citizen Kane.”

    They both have a bachelor’s degree in film and visual effects.

    Stemler, who says he has worked with all kinds of movies, said that “the only reason why I wanted to come to this field was because I was interested in the way our mediums are used to teach children and the impact it has on their minds.”

    He says that the film industry is “the most powerful force in our lives right now,” and that Mindful aims to help children learn about how to make their own movies.

    “I think that there’s a lot of promise in it,” he says.

    “It’s not just about teaching kids to make a movie, but also how to learn how to work together and collaborate.”

    The app has two modes: an interactive teaching mode and an interactive cinema mode.

    In the interactive mode, viewers can interact with a film by clicking a button, and clicking again to rewind and repeat the movie.

    The app also has a “watch” button that allows the user to play the movie through an animated movie theater.

    The interactive mode has a number of features that allow the viewer to interact with the story and to learn more about the filmmakers behind the movie, like a timeline, a timeline of the film’s production, and more.

    For example, viewers could click on a line to get to a section of the story that explains what happened to the characters.

    “If we can teach kids to learn to think like filmmakers and interact like filmmakers, it’s a game-changer,” says Stem, who believes that the apps will help kids understand how to take control of their own storytelling.

    “When kids are exposed to storytelling, they are much more interested in what the audience thinks of the movie than what the director or writer thinks of it,” Tabor says.


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