A few years ago, one of the company’s founders was living in Vancouver.

    That was when he was working on a startup called Connect, a social media app that allowed users to post video messages to each other.

    The company had a lot of traction and was already profitable.

    But it was still relatively new, and it was a little expensive.

    The founders were convinced that the new platform was going to take off, so they set up a series of meetings with local companies to see if they could figure out a way to make it work.

    One of those meetings was at the home of the man who would become the company, an entrepreneur named Chris Hulsey.

    “I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is the coolest job I’ve ever had,'” Hulay told the CBC’s The Early Show last year.

    “That was really the genesis for Connect.”

    So, as he explains in the podcast, the two of them started pitching ideas to companies, all while working in their garage.

    The startup, which launched in 2015, is still very much in its infancy, but the idea of making an app for social media is a promising one.

    And it’s paying off.

    Hulays startup, Connect, launched in Vancouver, B.C., in October 2016.

    The business has since raised $50,000 in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital, the Andreessen Horowitz Group, and the Canadian Venture Capital Association.

    HULES CEO, ROBBY HULSHEES, talks about the future of social media in his podcast with The Early View.

    He also talks about his career in tech.

    (CBC News) Connect has now been downloaded more than 6.3 million times in Canada and about half a million times internationally.

    The app has become so popular that it’s been used in nearly all the country’s major cities.

    That includes Vancouver, which is home to the largest population of Connect users.

    Connect is now available in more than 150 Canadian cities and is already available in cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Victoria.

    Connect has also launched in cities including Toronto, Calgary and Montreal, which are all in the country and are also home to large concentrations of Connect subscribers.

    Connect’s biggest market outside Canada is the United States, where the company has more than 9 million users.

    Huls company is still small compared to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but it is growing quickly, even though its revenue has been in decline for a few years.

    Connect launched in Toronto in October 2015 and has since launched in dozens of Canadian cities.

    (Google/Google) Hulshys company has been able to do this despite not being a household name in Canada.

    He says he had only heard of Connect from people who worked at a tech company.

    “They’re like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool.’

    They’ve never even heard of it,” he says.

    “And then it’s like, I’m doing this thing for myself and I want to be a part of this.

    And that’s pretty much what we’re doing.”

    He says it’s still early days in Canada, but he says the company is making great progress.

    “In the next couple of months we’ll be able to say we’ve launched Connect in Vancouver,” he said.

    We’ve had fantastic success in our U.S. market. “

    The other thing is that we’ve had a great relationship with our Canadian and international customers.

    We’ve had fantastic success in our U.S. market.

    And we have a strong relationship with the governments of the countries that we’re currently in, including Canada, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea.”

    Connect has made connections in a few other places too.

    The service was featured in the 2017 Oscars and has been featured in various movies including Guardians of the Galaxy, The LEGO Movie, Star Trek Beyond, and Star Wars: Episode VIII.

    Houlsey says that connecting with companies is part of his job.

    “If you can connect with people, you’re probably going to have a good life.”

    The first Connect app was launched in October last year, and now the company offers two more apps that can be used together to stream video messages.

    But the service still has to prove itself in the U.K., which is a key market for the company.

    The Connect app in the United Kingdom is available to download and the app in Canada is not.

    (Connect) Connect’s main business is in the mobile world.

    The platform has had some success in the past year in Japan and other markets.

    The Canadian startup says it hopes to have the two apps available in Canada by the end of the year.

    Connect now has a network of over 500 million subscribers in more that 130 countries.

    That number includes about 400 million U.W. users.

    But Hulley says Connect is going to get better.

    “We’re going to see some amazing things coming,” he told The Early Side.


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