Play as Joel, Ellie, Sam, Samus, or any of the other playable characters in the upcoming new game The Last of us.

    The game is due out next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and we’re happy to have a closer look at the game.

    Here are our top five things to know about the game, along with our favorite moments from the development process.1.

    The story is about a lot of stuff1.

    Joel is a survivor.

    Joel was the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse that wiped out most of humanity in the city of New York.

    Joel and his friend Sam survived by scavenging for supplies and finding a safe haven.

    Joel has been a man of many names throughout his life, from “Jack” to “The Last,” but it wasn’t until his death in a car accident in 2024 that Joel finally gave up on being a man.

    He started working at a hospital for the injured and now works as a doctor in the same building that Sam was killed in.

    Joel works in a small building on the top floor, and Sam was left to fend for herself, taking care of her younger sister and two children.

    Sam and Joel are the only survivors in a town with an entire population of survivors, and they both find themselves at the mercy of a gang of criminals who are willing to take their money and lives for a chance at survival.2.

    The main character is a badass2.

    It’s a big, ambitious game.

    While The Last Of Us was a pretty big game when it came out, the developers at Naughty Dog have done a great job at keeping things small.

    The Last will feature over 20 different types of characters, ranging from a lone survivor with a few belongings to a group of friends who all have to work together in order to survive.

    The developers have taken the time to give each character a backstory and personality to build a cohesive story around.

    Joel’s story is simple: he is a man who has been given a chance to survive by a group that has been trying to take over the city.

    The gang leader is a kind of god, and the people who come to visit him are all the same, so there is a connection between the people.

    He’s also the only person who knows about Ellie, the only one who has ever known Samus as a child.

    The rest of the people in town are not as familiar with her.

    The way that Ellie and Samus interact is the main focus of the game’s story.

    Ellie will talk to you whenever you’re not with her, and you can ask her to help you find supplies and find a safe place to sleep.

    Ellie’s backstory and relationships with other characters are also important, but the game will also be full of other characters that can help you in your journey.

    This way, you’ll be able to make your own personal story with Ellie and other characters.3.

    It has lots of content and challenges3.

    This is the first game from Naughty Dogs that features multiplayer.

    You’ll be competing against your friends in co-op modes.

    The first mode, called “Survival” is a multiplayer mode where you and your friends compete against each other.

    In this mode, you can take on the challenges that you’re given by the game developers.

    This mode is set to be available for free for players that purchase the game from the PlayStation Store.

    In the next mode, “The Heist,” the game is set in a big warehouse, and in this mode you have to find clues, loot, and other items to survive in order for you to keep your friends alive.

    This will be the first mode from N, which has a lot going for it, but will also come with some challenges.

    The challenge level in The Heist is set at a level that can be challenging to complete, so be sure to take a look at our guide to the game for more info.4.

    It will be a huge franchise with a lot to prove5.

    This game will be an enormous franchiseThis is what makes The Last such a big franchise.

    The series is huge, and Naughty is already developing a new sequel, The Last Hunter.

    If The Last is successful, it could be the franchise that gets bigger and bigger and the developers want to make sure that The Last doesn’t get left behind.

    In order to keep this game alive, Naughty needs to have its fans play it.

    The First Hunter is already out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    If fans want to continue playing The Last, it will need to have something to play in addition to the single player campaign.

    For the most part, the game looks great in motion, but there are a few major challenges that need to be addressed before this game will live up to the hype.

    The biggest challenge is the number of zombies.

    We’ve seen this game at E3 this year, but it’s a much bigger challenge to actually make a living in a


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