New Scientist – The latest in the evolution of online media platforms has the potential to be more interactive than ever.

    That’s the view of a team of scientists who have developed a system that can automatically create interactive media in real-time and store it on an on-demand storage platform.

    In a study published in the journal Science Advances, they say the system could also be used to deliver content in the future, as it’s not just a way to consume a new media product, but could also help deliver content on-the-go.

    The system, which is called Autodesk’s Real-Time Interactive Publishing Platform (RAP), is being developed to power “smart” media products, such as video games, films and television.

    It’s built around a platform that can take the shape of an existing media product and make it interactive.

    The system is used to create interactive content for entertainment, as well as for “sensor” devices that can detect and record the movements of objects in a video game or film.

    The sensors could then use this information to control the interactive content.

    In the video above, you can see the RAP system inside a video gaming headset.

    The researchers at the University of Bath say they hope to have the system up and running in time for the consumer electronics market, which includes the latest generation of consoles and smartphones.

    The technology works by embedding a small image, called a scene, into a video or photo, such that the viewer can see and hear what is going on.

    It then uses the scene to create an interactive image.

    The image is then stored on a server, and the viewer has the option to download the image, play it back or store it offline.

    The RAP platform also includes a tool that automatically creates an interactive version of the image.

    The team is aiming to be able to create “high-fidelity” videos with up to 10-megapixels resolution, so it’s a step up from the current generation of video and photo editing tools.

    It is also being developed by a group of other scientists in the US and Australia.


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