The Batman: Arkham Origins Kickstarter project has raised nearly $100,000, bringing in over $50,000 in pledges for the project, which is the largest Kickstarter campaign in the franchise’s history.

    The game will release on March 10, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

    In the latest batch of rewards for backers, we’ve got a batch of Batman comics, including the two Batman: The Animated Series comics, Batman: Year One: The New Adventures and Batman: Joker’s Revenge.

    The Batman comic series has sold over 2.5 million copies and will be released on August 16, 2018.

    In addition to these comics, you can also grab a copy of the Arkham Origins digital comic on the Batman: Origin digital platform, which will be coming out on November 14.

    You can find out more about the game’s rewards at the bottom of this article.

    For those who want to give the project some help, we also have a batch that includes the first three Batman: Underworld comic series, which are all planned for release in 2019.

    You’ll be able to purchase the books through the digital platform and can purchase the series from the Arkham Asylum website.

    The series will also be released as a print book in July 2019.

    You can read more about these rewards here and here.

    The rewards for Batman: Origins backers include a set of exclusive Batman: Gotham City t-shirts that feature the new Batmobile from the game, a digital Batman: Rebirth comic, a set for Batman and Batgirl, and a custom Batman: Batman: Beyond Gotham t-shirt.

    You will also receive a digital download code for the Batman Arkham Origins video game, which includes access to the full Batman: Universe and Arkham Origins game.

    If you pledge at the $60 level, you’ll also receive an Arkham Origins exclusive t-bag with an Arkham City character portrait and a Batman: Bruce Wayne poster.

    You’ll be getting access to all the content in the Batman comics that will be included in the digital version of the game.

    You’re also getting access, for the first time ever, to the game and the game content, which include all three Batman series, as well as all the Arkham City content and the Batman Origins video games.

    You get a digital copy of Batman: Online, Batman Online: Arkham City, and Batman Online Online: Beyond Arkham.

    You also get access to Arkham Origins: Gotham Knight, the new playable character for the game based on the character of Gotham Knight from the comic book series Batman: Dark Knight Returns.

    The Gotham Knight video game will be available to everyone in the United States and the European Union in March 2019.

    If you’re still interested in helping the Batman campaign, we have a few other rewards for those who can’t wait until the game launches in early 2019.

    Check out these new rewards for all of them below.

    In addition to the Arkham Universe, we are giving you access to a Batman Origins digital-only comic series that includes all the first six comics from the Batman Universe.

    If the campaign reaches $75, you will receive an exclusive Arkham Origins character portrait as a digital image.

    You also get the Batman Online Digital Deluxe, which comes with the game on all platforms, as a physical copy of Arkham Origins.

    You will also get a limited-edition Batman: Modern Adventures Batman t-suit, which features the iconic silhouette of Batman from the Batcave.

    You receive a Batman Rebirth digital comic with a Batman and Robin poster and a digital code for Arkham Origins, which allows you to download the game digitally on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    If we reach $100K, we will add a digital game for Batman Online, which contains the entirety of the Batman universe plus all the digital games and content, including all three Arkham games.

    If we reach the $150K level, we’ll add a special Arkham Origins poster, featuring the iconic Gotham City skyline.

    If this campaign hits $150,000 and we have more rewards unlocked, you could receive an entire Arkham City Digital Deluxe edition for a limited time.

    This includes all three Batcaves, as seen in the game trailer.

    You get access on your Xbox One to all of the content from the Digital Deluxe editions of the Bat-games, including Batman: Night of the Living Dead and Arkham Asylum: Gotham Knights, as they launch in 2019, as an exclusive downloadable content.

    You are also able to get the Gotham Knight digital version in 2019 if you choose to do so.

    If the campaign hits the $250K level and we unlock a Batman digital-exclusive game, you receive an all-new Batman: Mask of the Phantasm t-piece, which you will also need to download digitally to play on Xbox One.

    You received the Arkham Knight digital-edition and the Gotham City Digital Edition on both platforms, which gives you access for the entire game and all digital content.

    If it gets past the $350K level you receive a unique Batman: Robin costume, which unlocks a


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