eko is a technology that allows for a simple and elegant interface to manage your business processes, creating a user-friendly platform to work with and create a seamless experience for your clients.

    It allows you to create, manage and display your business’s records and manage your accounts.

    eko helps you manage your clients’ online accounts, their payments, payments for services and much more.

    Here are the steps to setup eko for your new project.

    Step 1: Install eko on your own computer and add it to your eko accountStep 2: Start your eksphere and log inStep 3: Enter your payment detailsStep 4: Select the payment options and choose payment methodStep 5: Once you’re done, click on “Submit” to accept the payment and create your ekos accountStep 6: You can now access your ello account from your eKSP and your business can now be managed.

    Step 7: Your business will now be able to access your payment information and you’ll see the eko interface on the left.

    You can use this interface to:Create and manage a customer’s accountChoose a payment method to be charged for services or paymentsChoose the payment method that the customer will be charged fromYour clients will be able get payment details and payment details for your account.

    This is how you would create a business account for a freelancer in eko:Step 1.

    Start ekoStep 2.

    Log in with your eKo accountStep 3.

    Enter your billing addressStep 4.

    Select the billing method you want to be billed forStep 5.

    Choose payment options that you want charged to your payment accountStep 5a.

    Choose your payment method and choose the payment amountStep 6.

    Click “Submit”.

    Step 7.

    Your payment will be processed and your account will be opened.

    Step 8.

    You can view your payment history, and you can update your payment amount at any time.

    Step 9.

    The payments will be recorded, and your payment will show up on your eKO account.

    Step 10.

    If your payment is declined, the customer can still pay you by payment method or through an online payment provider.

    You should also review your payment and billing records and review them regularly.

    This is a good opportunity to review your ekso account as eko can help you understand your payment practices and help you make better payments.

    Step 11.

    When a payment has been processed, your payment can be displayed on your customer’s eKsp or eKp account.

    You’ll also be able see the payment details from your account and how many payments have been received.

    Step 12.

    To review your billing records, log in with eko again and review your account details again.

    Step 13.

    To update your billing information, log into eko with your payment info and select the appropriate option from the payment summary.

    You will need to create a payment account and a payment type.

    You may have to add additional details and fees to your invoice.

    Step 14.

    When you’re ready to send your payment, click the “Submit Payment” button.

    You’re now ready to begin your eka for your customers.


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