Interactive software developers have long used web APIs to allow the creation of interactive software that can be sold to end users.

    With the release of iOS 7, the web platform API for creating interactive software, Bridge, is now available for Android.

    Bridge is a cross-platform, mobile-first, open source JavaScript platform that allows developers to create interactive software.

    Bridge supports two primary platforms: the platform and the platform-specific library.

    The platform-based library can be used to create an application for a specific platform and has a rich set of user interface widgets that can interact with user interfaces.

    The web API for bridge also supports the development of native mobile applications.

    The bridge platform includes a powerful web-based front end that allows a developer to create cross-browser applications.

    Bridge’s front end allows for a variety of use cases.

    In a typical user experience, users can click and drag objects across the screen.

    In an example on a website, a user can click on an image or icon to add it to a list of available content, and a dropdown list can be displayed.

    Users can also browse the content in the library, which can include content from their own website.

    Developers can use the platform library to build applications that can support multiple platforms and a variety, from small web applications to large enterprise software.

    Developers using the platform API can leverage the platform libraries to extend their applications and provide more flexible interaction and user interfaces for users.

    Developers that are familiar with the web APIs for creating web apps can use bridge to build their own applications for iOS and Android.

    Developers who are new to creating web applications can also create their own web applications using the bridge platform.

    Bridge developers can use a variety a of different platforms.

    The two primary use cases are building web applications for the Android platform and for the iPhone platform.

    The main difference between the web platforms is that Bridge can support the iOS platform and is cross-compatible with both platforms.

    Developers building web apps for both platforms can choose which platforms they want to use.

    The most common platforms are the iPhone and Android, but developers can also use both platforms to build web apps.

    Developers creating web-native applications for Android can use Bridge to create their applications for both iOS and the iPhone.

    For Android developers building web-specific apps, Bridge provides the developer with an interface that is familiar to iOS developers.

    Bridge also provides a robust front end and provides a set of widgets for users to interact with.

    Developers of iOS-specific web apps should also choose the platform that provides the best set of developer tools and the most features.

    Bridge offers a variety in front end widgets for use in web apps and offers a user interface widget for the backend.

    Developers also can create their application for both the iOS and Web platforms by using the Bridge library.

    Developers writing web-platform native applications can choose the bridge API to create apps for iOS or Android.

    The Bridge platform allows for cross-device interaction for mobile and tablet users.

    Users on devices that support Bridge can interact directly with users on devices on which Bridge is not installed.

    For example, a mobile device that does not support Bridge might not recognize a Bridge app when the device is switched off.

    Bridge users can also interact with a bridge app by using gestures to control a bridge device.

    For developers writing native mobile apps, the bridge front end includes a built-in navigation widget and a web-like application interface.

    Developers are encouraged to use the bridge library for their apps.

    Bridge provides developers with a powerful set of developers tools and a powerful backend to enable developers to build apps for mobile platforms.


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