Interactive video platform Twitter has a huge opportunity to become a more valuable social network.

    While its current focus is more on the business side of its business, the platform could also be used for entertainment.

    Twitter can offer a way to quickly share videos, audio and photos without having to pay for the content.

    As we’ve seen with the likes of YouTube, YouTube Now and even the recently launched Vine, social video sharing is not for everyone.

    But it is one that could prove valuable to users who don’t want to pay to see the content, but just want to interact with the world.

    We’ll get to that in a minute.

    Twitter has one of the fastest growing user bases in the world, but that growth is not sustainable.

    This could be a huge turning point for the platform.

    To understand what this means for you, take a look at the interactive video platform that Twitter announced today.

    The company is rolling out a number of new features and updates in order to improve the way users interact with their content.

    One of the biggest is a new “interactivity delivery platform.”

    While most users may be familiar with a platform like Insta, Twitter says that the new platform is actually its own product, which makes it different from other platforms.

    Instead of just displaying a stream of tweets, users will now be able to see tweets and other content directly from the social network’s site.

    The new platform has been designed to be a way for people to see other people interact with each other without having the need to pay.

    This means that the tweets that Twitter sends to users will be available for viewing, which could give users the ability to quickly and easily share videos with friends or follow the tweets of their favorite celebrities.

    There are a few other features that the company says will make the platform even more useful for its users, including a new feature that lets users create video captions for any tweet that is tagged with a photo.

    The caption feature allows users to tag any photo and the photo will be automatically captioned to that tweet.

    When a user tags the tweet with a caption, a list of all the photos tagged with the tweet will be displayed on the top of the Twitter page.

    This makes it easy for users to quickly see what their friends and followers are seeing on the social platform.

    Additionally, the new “Video Search” feature lets users search for videos that have been uploaded by other users.

    Users can also use the new search feature to search for content that they want to share on Twitter.

    Users also have the ability use Twitter as a place to track their progress on the site, whether it be creating a new post, adding an image or adding an audio clip.

    For example, when someone has added an image, they can see what the image has been tagged with, and how long it has been on the website.

    The “Tweeting With Friends” feature also lets users tag a tweet with an image that has been shared by someone else.

    When someone tags a tweet, they’ll see a list that includes a list showing the Twitter users who have shared the tweet, and the people who have tagged it.

    This is where the new video search feature comes in.

    Users will be able select from a list from which they can select one of several tags that will be sent to the user, along with the location and time the tweet was tagged.

    This gives users a way of seeing how long the tweet has been in the news and a way, in general, to track how the user is doing in real-time.

    When users tag tweets, they’re also able to mark them as favorites.

    For some users, this might be enough to get the attention of the company.

    But for others, the idea of being able to find the next best thing for a certain tweet may not be so appealing.

    That is where Twitter has partnered with a number other companies to create new ways for people who want to connect with each others and their friends to do so.

    For instance, Twitter has announced that it will be partnering with Snapchat to create a social sharing feature that allows people to post a video to a group of friends that they already follow, and then invite their friends on to see what’s going on.

    This will let them follow a person who has posted a video, and even share it to the group.

    The video can then be shared with other users that the group has been following.

    If a person doesn’t want the group to see their video, they just have to click on a button and let them know that the video is no longer available for them to see.

    This lets the person know that they can’t be the only one who wants to see it.

    Twitter is also launching a new way for brands to promote their content directly to users.

    This new platform, Twitter Moments, is going to allow brands to quickly showcase their content on Twitter and the world through tweets.

    For companies that want to make their brand stand out on the platform,


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