Interactive platformers are becoming more popular than ever and are receiving a surge in resume submissions from developers and talent.

    A total of 4,838 resume submissions were received in the last six months through March, according to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder.

    That includes a spike in resume submission requests for Interactive Platformers (IPPs) since the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider.IPPs account for roughly 7% of all resumes submitted for a job in the game industry, according an industry publication.

    IPPs are typically more likely to have been previously published in the genre than games.

    More than a third of resumes submitted in the period cited had a strong IPP connection, according the CareerBuilder survey.

    That includes 6% of the submissions for the last quarter and 2% of total resumes submitted, according a spokesperson for CareerBuilder’s online platform.

    Jobseekers are increasingly using the tools available to them on the job search site to find jobs.

    The surge in resumes submitted to Interactive Platforms comes amid a spike of job postings for software engineers, which have risen in recent months.

    According to LinkedIn, the number of engineers listed as seeking jobs rose to 4.4 million in the quarter ended March 31.

    That is an increase of more than 30,000 over the same period last year.

    More and more developers are looking to expand their resume offerings.

    Interactive Platform is a popular category of resume on LinkedIn, with more than 6 million profiles.

    Job search website Monster is currently using a different approach to resume submissions for its developers, according in an interview with The Verge.

    Monster, which has more than 1 million developers, uses a mix of search engine results and social networking sites.

    The company has seen an increase in resume requests for its iOS app, which was recently released.

    Monster has yet to say when it plans to launch an Android app.

    Job seekers are also using social networking site LinkedIn to find job openings.

    According to LinkedIn’s research, more than one million LinkedIn members are looking for jobs, which is a 5% increase over the previous quarter.

    LinkedIn says its platform is used by almost 3 million job seekers each month.

    It’s not the first time LinkedIn has seen a surge of resumes for Interactive platform positions.

    The LinkedIn app launched a hiring portal for the first-time developer in the month of March, and LinkedIn says that it is currently the second most used recruiting tool.

    LinkedIn is currently adding more opportunities to the platform, including for software developers.

    The Interactive Platform Resume Challenge is also proving to be a popular resume submission site, with 1,000 resumes submitted each day, according Monster.

    In a separate interview with TechCrunch, Monster CEO Tom Osterloh said that he expects more developers to use the platform as they search for a new job.

    In a post on LinkedIn’s resume portal, Monster explains that it has more then 2,500 developers who have been working on an iOS app and are looking, and more than 500 who have begun a new game.

    The Monster team says that the majority of developers use the resume submission tool because it’s the most useful for creating a portfolio and finding the right team.

    Monster currently has an iOS application and plans to open a web version soon.


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