The Interactive Broker is an emerging platform for brokers to set up their own online platforms, but the main reason it is a phenomenon is because of a lack of information about the platform and the rules for who can set up and use it.

    The broker community has a vested interest in the platform not being open and accessible to the public, which in turn makes it less secure and less transparent.

    This is particularly problematic because, in some cases, it is not only the broker that can set-up and use the platform, but it is also the customer that uses it.

    In the absence of a formal regulatory framework, the rules of the system are not well defined.

    This means that the broker can set its own rules for how it operates and, if it is being used by multiple customers, the customer can also set its rules for the other customers that use the broker, and the broker may set their own rules to enforce the terms of the arrangement.

    In practice, this means that when one customer sets up an online broker, the other clients can also use it to set-ups their own brokers, without any restriction on the amount of funds they want to send to the broker or how much they send to it.

    This, of course, creates the possibility of conflicts of interest, as many of the broker’s customers will send more money to the other brokers because they do not know the rules governing the arrangement between them.

    This in turn means that some of the brokers that set up online platforms will be more likely to be used by other brokers than the ones that set- up their online platforms.

    What are the challenges?

    While there are a number of potential legal challenges, the biggest one is the fact that the system itself is not well-regulated and does not have a formal regulator.

    This makes it very difficult to police it and make sure it is compliant with all the requirements set out by the regulators.

    There are also concerns about the risk that the systems could be abused by those with a financial interest in it.

    But, as the platform’s creator, Richard Smith, has said, “If we had a better regulatory framework for the broker marketplace, the system would be a lot less dangerous”.

    The system is also likely to attract more and more customers, which will further increase its popularity.

    The lack of formal regulation has also made it difficult for regulators to enforce and protect against abusive behaviour.

    As a result, the risk of abuse is likely to increase as more people set up websites and broker services, which is likely, in turn, to lead to a rise in the number of broker fraud cases.

    As of June 2018, there were over 6,000 broker fraud complaints and a further 1,600 complaints relating to the brokerage services on the platform.

    What is it worth?

    As a broker platform, Interactive Brokers has a huge market in the United States.

    It has more than 1,000 brokers, and is a huge player in some markets, such as the UK and Australia.

    However, the market is not yet as big in other markets, including Canada and China.

    However the platform has already seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years, and has now overtaken other major brokers such as OTCBrokers and Wealthfront.

    The platform has also been able to gain a huge following and popularity among some of its early adopters, including the former US President of the World Bank, Larry Summers.

    As the platform grows, it will likely grow more competitive and more popular.

    It may be that the market will grow even more as it matures and is used by the large number of brokers who use it, but as of yet, it has not shown itself to be a viable competitor to other platforms.

    As long as the broker ecosystem continues to develop and evolves, the potential for abuse will be there.

    For more information on the broker market, visit the Interactive Broker’s website at

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