If you want to get up and running with your new smart home appliance with Google Assistant, the company has some advice on how to go about it.

    Here’s what you need to know about Google’s next-gen smart home experience.


    It’s coming to Android and iOS, but it’s not coming to watchOS or Android Wear, the platform’s platforms for controlling your home automation devices.

    This is good news, because Google Assistant is designed to run on both platforms.

    “Android and iOS devices are currently not supported,” Google tells me in an email.

    “They are available on the Google Assistant developer site but we’re not able to provide a full suite of functionality.”


    Google Assistant will also support Google Home, a standalone app for controlling all your smart home devices.

    Google Home is still in beta testing, and it’s unclear when or if the feature will be available.

    Google says the app is coming soon.

    “We’ll provide more information about Android and Apple Watch and the Google Home app as soon as we have it,” it says.


    Google is offering two Android and two iOS versions of the GoogleAssistant app.

    Google has a number of Android and iPhone apps on the Play Store, including the Assistant app.


    The app is going to be free.

    It will be made available for free to all Android users in the Google app store, but there’s no price tag attached to the app.


    Google’s new Google Assistant app will have more features, like a voice search, and will also be able to use Google Maps.

    The company says that the GoogleHome app will be free to new users of Android.

    Google will also include a free trial of the Assistant and a free Google Assistant trial for existing users of both Android and iPhones.


    The Google Assistant beta program is still open, so you can try out the app right away.


    Google wants to give you some hints about what you can expect from the GoogleWatch app on Google Home and the Assistant on Android.

    “When we announced GoogleWatch on Android earlier this year, we made it clear that we would make GoogleWatch an extension of the Android app and that it would be available to everyone in the Android ecosystem,” Google says.

    “But we didn’t have an Android app for our assistant app, so now that the assistant is on Android and you’re trying to set it up, we wanted to give a little sneak peek.

    This will be an exciting new way to control your smart appliances, and we’ll be updating it as we release more updates.”


    The assistant will be powered by the Google’s own hardware, not the hardware of any other company.

    The device will be able “to access and control any Google Home devices, including Google’s Home Hub,” Google said in its email.

    The Assistant will be capable of “accessing the Alexa voice-controlled Nest Thermostat, Google Home appliances, the Google Chromecast, the Apple TV, the Amazon Echo, and Google Home accessories.”


    You can buy the Google smart home device on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and other retail stores.

    Google won’t sell it to third-party companies, so the Google assistant is available on Amazon’s website.

    Google also announced the new Google Home for iOS in April, which is compatible with iOS 7.

    The two are connected, but you’ll still need to download the Google apps to use them.


    You’ll need to have a Google account to use the Google App for Android.

    You need to be a Google Plus member to use this app.


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