Updated July 29, 2018 11:03:25The NHL has a big game coming up on July 31.

    The NHL Players’ Association has been releasing statistics about players on a daily basis to help fans understand the game, and this month, the organization released some stats.

    Here are some things to know about the statistics released by the league this week:1.

    Players with at least 100 games played are trending toward a higher point total.

    Players who play at least 500 regular season games are trending higher.

    That means they’re playing more than 250 games per season, or about 30 percent more than their peers.

    The trend continues for players who have played at least 700 regular season contests.

    The percentage of players trending toward the point total is the same, but the number of players that are trending towards the point is a bit higher at about 40 percent.

    The average number of points per game for players in the league is now about 14.7.

    That number is down slightly from 15.4 points per contest last season.

    The average points per team is now around 15.8, up from 14.3 points per year ago.2.

    The median age of the league’s players has dropped from 26.1 years old last year to 25.2 this season.

    It’s the first time the median age has been below 25 years old in more than 20 years.3.

    The number of home games played by players in each division is down from 1.5 million last season to 973,000 this season, a drop of about 5 million games.4.

    The top-10 teams in points per home game are now in the top-three in points-per-game (PPG) for each division.

    The next highest-ranked teams are in the middle, with the bottom three teams in the bottom half.5.

    The highest-rated NHL team is the Los Angeles Kings, with an average of 10.4 PPG.

    The lowest-rated team is St. Louis Blues, at 7.4, which is tied for the lowest PPG average for any team in the NHL this season at 744 points.6.

    The Minnesota Wild, who won the Stanley Cup in 2011, are the only team in their division that has been in the playoff picture for four straight seasons.

    The Nashville Predators, who finished in the final playoff spot last year, are tied for first in the West with the Los Vegas Kings, who are in a playoff spot for the second straight year.7 of the top 10 teams in scoring have two or more defensemen in the lineup, and the top three teams all have a goaltender in the starting lineup.

    The Winnipeg Jets, who made the playoffs last season, are No. 2 in the East.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are No: 3.

    The Tampa Bay Lightning, who lost the Cup in 2016, are also No. 3.8.

    The Dallas Stars, who reached the second round of the playoffs in 2015, are eighth in the division, while the Chicago Blackhawks, who clinched the Stanley Series in 2016 and are No 1, are ninth.9.

    The Washington Capitals are the most valuable team in NHL history with a payroll of $1.3 billion, but they are currently in the eighth spot in the standings, and are in danger of falling out of the playoff race.10.

    Players who have been suspended from the NHL for violating team rules have been trending up over the last month, and have surpassed the point totals for players with at most 100 games in the regular season.

    Players in the last three seasons have averaged more than 15 PPG, or 3.5 points per 100 games.

    The league has a number of suspensions that allow players to play more than two games per month, but players are allowed to play for up to eight games per year.11.

    The Chicago Blackhawks have the lowest number of penalty minutes per game, at 8.4 per game.

    The New York Rangers are No .1, with 8.5 penalty minutes.12.

    There have been three players who are tied with a team-high three goals or more, including two of the three teams tied for second with the New York Islanders.

    The only other two teams with multiple players who reach this milestone are the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Stars.

    The New York Jets are No 2 in points and are tied on points per goal with the Boston Bruins.

    The Arizona Coyotes are No 3, tied for fourth.13.

    The Philadelphia Flyers are the NHL’s top-scoring team, averaging more than 18 points per minute.

    They are No 4 in scoring, behind the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angelos Predators and the Ottawa Senators.14.

    The Anaheim Ducks are No 11 in points, ahead of the Montreal Canadiens, who have the best scoring chances per game at 13.7, followed by the Winnipeg Jets at 13 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 13, respectively.15.

    The Buffalo Sabres are No 8 in points with 17.5 per game on the power play.

    The Carolina Hurricanes


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