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    12, 2019 — It’s been a year since President Donald Trump announced the creation of a $1 trillion train system that would link rail stations in cities around the country.

    In July, the White House said the new system would be “the biggest infrastructure investment in American history.”

    But it’s been months since any details have been released about how this $1 billion project will be funded, what it will look like and how it will benefit the nation.

    And yet, the new train project could have profound implications for our nation’s future.

    Here are five takeaways from what we know so far.

    What will it look like?

    Here are some things we know about the project:It will be the biggest in the worldWhen President Donald Trumps inauguration was announced, the project was hailed as a major step toward the United States reaching its goal of electrifying its transportation system.

    But now that the president is gone, the scope of the project is being expanded.

    The project will cost $1.2 trillion, and will be one of the largest in the history of transportation infrastructure.

    According to the Washington Post, “The president’s goal is to construct a massive, high-speed rail system that will connect New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Philadelphia suburbs to the rest of the country by 2020.”

    This is a big goal for the new president, who has promised to “build the wall” on the southern border to prevent illegal immigration.

    The rail project will also be the largest to be funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) under President Trump.

    The new Trump administration also announced it will expand funding for the National Guard, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Bureau of Land Management.

    Trump’s inauguration speech in February was filled with promises to build “the wall” along the southern U.S. border, but there’s little indication what the president’s final plan is for this project.

    While the new Trump infrastructure project is one of his biggest infrastructure promises, the president has been vague about how it would benefit the American economy.

    As part of the inauguration ceremony, Trump said, “We’re going to get these rails going.

    It will cost billions and billions of dollars.

    But we’re going do it.”

    While there’s no way to know how much money the project will generate, it’s important to note that the project may be an investment in America’s future as a nation.

    Since the inauguration, the Trump administration has been talking up the new project as a way to help the economy recover from the global economic downturn, as well as to build jobs.

    According the Wall Street Journal, Trump “will call for $1,000 tax credits to help American workers build their businesses, which would boost the economy.”

    The project could also help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we produce, which have been blamed for climate change.

    The first phase of the train project will begin in 2019, and it will connect the Washington, DC and New York Metropolitan Area (NYC) rail lines to a network of other rail lines throughout the country that will also connect to the project.

    The plan is to have the first trains arrive in 2021 and be completed by 2024.

    After the first phase, the government expects to complete the first four-year phase by 2021.

    According Trump, the train will help bring “a lot of jobs back to our country.”

    The train will be a centerpiece of the president Trump’s vision for the countryThe train project may help the U.N. and other global entities to “bring economic growth and prosperity back to America,” as well, according to the White Houses website.

    Trump has promised the new rail project, which has been in the works for several years, will bring economic growth, jobs and “a very strong United States and a great country.”

    It’s important for Americans to understand that this is not a grand plan for the U, S. or P. Trump has previously said that the plan is designed to “re-create the manufacturing and energy sectors.”

    “This will bring back jobs to our communities and to our economy and to rebuild our infrastructure, as the old rail companies have done for generations,” Trump said at his inauguration in February.

    “And, we will rebuild our cities and rebuild our country and bring back millions of jobs.”

    There are some big questions about how the project would benefit America, however.

    How will the trains actually be built?

    The project is still being built, but it will be built in New York and Philadelphia, according the project website.

    There are two main parts to this: the tracks, which will connect with existing railroad tracks, and the train itself, which is designed for “high speed” travel.

    According a recent report from the Washington Examiner, “One of the first questions that will be asked about the new Amtrak train system is whether it will serve its intended


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