Twitter, Facebook and Google have been pushing their news feeds to the limit, with the platforms using social algorithms to measure engagement.

    But a new report from the nonprofit Digital News Initiative, a research group at the University of California, San Diego, shows that while some platforms may be getting more active, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

    Digital News Initiative senior analyst Jonathan Weisman says the lack of meaningful engagement in Facebook’s feed could make it difficult for businesses to understand and reach their audience.

    Digital news is a different beast than traditional news because it’s different, Weisman said.

    The social networks are different from traditional news sites, and Facebook has a unique opportunity to leverage that to its advantage.

    The report also shows that the average user is much less engaged with Facebook’s content than with its competitor, Twitter.

    Facebook’s feed has been used for over a year now to rank top stories for users.

    But the report shows that users are more likely to click on an article that they find interesting, and they’re also more likely than the average to follow a tweet or retweet an article.

    Digitalnews Initiative analyst Nick Weisman told The Huffington Post that it’s possible that the platforms have been taking the news feed too seriously.

    Weisman, who co-authored the report with Digital News Institute senior researcher Chris Smith, says Facebook’s feeds aren’t just a reflection of users’ tastes and interests.

    Weisman also said that it could be that the platform is making a mistake by focusing too much on news rather than making the right decisions.

    “They have a chance to become more effective at understanding their audience,” Weisman wrote in an email.

    “They could become more responsive to their audience, and then their audience will become more engaged and be more loyal.”

    The report found that digital news is more important to Facebook’s bottom line than traditional media.

    Digital news has a lower cost to create and more value to advertisers, which could potentially give Facebook more room to grow.

    We also found that Facebook has been making its news feeds more focused on trending topics, which is why they’ve seen the greatest growth in the past year.

    We’ll have more to share on this story in the coming weeks.

    The study’s findings may have a negative impact on Facebook’s ability to grow, as advertisers would be more wary of using its feeds to target consumers based on topics.

    We will also be examining how much the companies have done to increase engagement and how well they’ve managed their audience data.


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