You may have seen the tagline “The only thing better than having your friends say it to you is when they say it in your face.”

    It’s a sentiment echoed by the Alrm messaging platform as well as its competitors.

    And now it’s about to get even better with a new feature that will help you get through those annoying, time-consuming calls and messages without interrupting your work.

    This week, Alms platform users can now add a “friends” or “family” to their message by simply hitting the “send” button, and the system will automatically create a list of your contacts to be displayed in the notification bar.

    Once you’ve added your contact, the messages will automatically show up in the notifications bar.

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen Alms’ system to automatically generate the messages of friends and family, but it’s the first of its kind.

    Users can also manually add a photo and text attachment, as well.

    To add a friend, just hit the “add friend” button.

    The Alrm system is already available for free, but the company is planning to charge a monthly fee to users to add friends.

    Once users have added friends, they’ll be shown as friends in the status bar of the Alms app.

    They’ll be able to send, read, and reply to messages with the same ease that friends do on Facebook.

    There’s no way to hide your Facebook friends from Alms, but if you want to hide those messages from your friends, you can disable the notifications and add a list to the notification panel.

    When a message or photo is sent, the text will appear in the background of the notification, making it easier to read.

    The notification panel is also available on mobile devices, with the option to use it for notifications or not.

    The system is currently available for iOS and Android devices, and it will be available in the next few weeks on desktop.

    Facebook’s new interactive messaging app is currently in beta, but Facebook is currently looking to open up the platform to developers.

    “We are actively exploring the possibility of bringing this platform to the wider community, and we hope to be able open up it to developers as soon as possible,” Alms CEO Nick Ochoa told me.

    “The main focus is on improving the speed and reliability of the app, and to improve the overall user experience.”

    This is all good news for users who want to take advantage of the free platform.

    If you have a friend that’s not using the service, you’ll be unable to send messages with them.

    Instead, the system uses the existing Alms email system to deliver the messages.

    Users are not allowed to send private messages or receive private messages.

    However, if you have an email address that you use to sign up for a social network, you may be able see messages sent to your inbox by friends.

    In short, you should have no problems getting through a few calls or emails with your friends.

    But if you’re a regular Alms user and you want a little more security, you will have to subscribe to the service.

    This isn’t Facebook’s first foray into the interactive messaging market.

    The company recently introduced an Android version of the service called Alms Message Manager, and then added another mobile version in March.

    Facebook currently supports more than 100 services on the service with more on the way.


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